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P3 Cream is a safe, effective, high quality product used by therapists in the management of neck, back, muscle and joint pain.

Aspirin Free !  Paraben Free !  Alcohol Free !

P3 Cream Ingredient Information

P3 Cream is an Aqueous Mint based product formulation which contains the following:

Water, Peppermint Oil, Calendula Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Acrylate Copolymer, Sorbitan Mono Oleate, Colloidal Silica, Tea Tree Oil.

Active Ingredients:

1. Calendula Oil - circulation stimulant and soothing skin conditioner. Powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Used for centuries as a poultice for human mastitis


Calendula - Skin Saver

Latin name: Calendula officinalis. Family name: Compositae. Calendula oil is extracted from the flowers by CO2 and is imported from South Africa, Egypt and France. It is also called Marigold but should not be confused with Tagetes. It has a sharp, herbaceous aroma. Calendula has been used for many years for its effective skin healing properties. Some traditional uses: all skin complaints, varicose veins; for treating enlarged lymph nodes, cysts, and skin lesions. May be helpful to mature skin. Emotional profile: to comfort the spirit and heart, may promote psychic dreams.

2. Peppermint Oil - effective circulation stimulant with localized cooling and toning properties.



Latin name: Mentha piperita. Family name: Labiatae. Peppermint oil is distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the plant and is grown in the US. It has a sweet, mint aroma. Herbalists in ancient Greece and Rome used peppermint for nearly every ailment. Some traditional uses: for energy, and brighter mood, reducing pain, to help breathing, improve mental clarity and memory. Peppermint may irritate sensitive skin and should be avoided during pregnancy. Emotional profile: for shock, overwork, apathy, helplessness.

3. Eucalyptus Oil - rubefactant and agent to "open the skin" and improve penetration - This opens the skin to allow passage of the other ingredients. Its effect is thus synergistic with the other ingredients.



Latin name: Eucalyptus globulus. Family name: Myrtaceae. It is distilled from the leaves and is imported from Australia. It has a strong camphorous odor. Aborigines have used eucalyptus leaves to remedy many ills. Some traditional uses: for colds, as a decongestant, to relieve asthma and fevers, for its bactericidal and anti-viral actions, to ease aching joints. Avoid if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy. Emotional profile: to help with explosive-heated emotions, irrational thinking.

4. Tea Tree Oil - skin conditioner and anti-bacterial agent

Tea-Tree - Strong Health

Latin name: Melaleuca alternifolia. Family name: Myrtaceae. Tea-tree is distilled from the leaves and is imported from Australia. It has a spicy, medicinal aroma. Tea-tree is one of the most scientifically researched oils. Some traditional uses: as an immuno-stimulant particularly against bacteria, viruses and fungi, for relieving inflammation, as a disinfectant.

Non Active Ingredients:

· Phenoxyethanol – a very safe preservative used by cosmetic companies for face creams etc. Used in most products found at The Bodyshop.

· Sodium Acrylate Coploymer – thickener used in baby shampoos.

· Sorbitan Mono Oleate – cosmetic grade emulsifier, found in food. (binds ingredients)

· Colloidal Silica – cosmetic grade stabilizer. (keeps ingredients together)

It is very difficult to create a product that is truly ALL NATURAL. P3 Cream contains All Natural ACTIVE Ingredients. The synthetics used as the non-active ingredients are used at the lowest levels needed to fulfill their function.

Preservation is critical in Natural products and synthetic preservatives can, in general, provide a purer more stable formula, and they are used at much lower levels than their natural counterparts.

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