I am asked all the time, “Why did you create P3 Products?” Well, the answer is found in the need to keep our patients at the Apollo Clinic safe. Our governing bodies mandate to all practitioners that our first responsibility is to ensure the health and safety of our patients. Simply put, we cannot use every product available on the market safely within our clinic. Finding an effective and safe, topical brand name analgesic muscle and joint product on the market was impossible, so I brought P3 Cream to the market.



With over 1000 clinic practitioners in B.C. using P3 Cream daily, we are safely treating patients that cannot use many of the existing products on the market. The majority of the products sold to the public contain an ingredient called "methyl salicylate". As a father and practitioner working with the public, I worry that the children that are in need of care are being given products containing this ingredient. As P3 Cream does NOT contain methyl salicylate, it is safe for ALL ages. Children, any person using other medications, and especially those that have an allergy to aspirin must avoid this chemical! I urge anyone to Google "methyl salicylate poisoning" to be educated on why we do not use any topical analgesics in which it is present.



At the Apollo Clinic, it is very important for us to feel confident about a product’s efficacy and safety before recommending it to our patients. So, in creating our products, we have some key requirements on which we have focused:

1: The active ingredients are holistic and safe. P3 Cream is an aqueous mint-based product formulation, which contains the following all-natural active ingredients: peppermint oil, calendula oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil.

2: The products could be used often without worry of overuse. (Many of the current market brands can only be used within specific time frames due to their anti-inflammatory ingredients.)

3: The products must absorb quickly and not leave a greasy residue. (P3 Cream is a water-based cream that smells great and won't stain your clothing!)

What we have come up with in P3 Cream is a safe, aspirin-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, super absorbent, highly effective product that many health professionals use exclusively in their practices and many people use in their homes.

We take pride in offering peace of mind to patients and their families with this locally made, locally used product!

Take care,

The "P3 Cream Wellness Team"

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