Do you ever have troubles deciding on what product to purchase, or what size to purchase it in? Or how about when you long to try a new product, but are worried about spending the money on a massive bottle of something you won’t like? Better yet, what about when you’re ready to restock on your favourite product, but they don’t offer a size that fits your needs? Fear not! P3 has you covered with a variety of different sizes and options that is guaranteed fit your needs. (





The 30ml Bottle

This small size is the perfect travel partner. As it fits conveniently in a purse or bag, P3 can accompany you to the gym, field, court, or work with ease! It’s also serves as a great store sample or clinic gift.


The 60ml Roll-On

It doesn’t get any easier with the help of our 60ml Roll-On size, where the ball does the massaging for you. No need to get your hands dirty! It evaporates quickly without any further rubbing in, and also is a great size to pop into a purse or car glovebox. This product has proved to be extremely popular in chiropractic offices!


The 237ml Bottle

This medium sized bottle is essential for either home, clinic or spa use, as it can be easily stored in a medical cabinet or treatment room drawer. It’s also a must have to keep in your gym bag!


The 500ml Bottle

Double the size of the previous bottle, this cost effective choice is a must have for the team, clinic, or that busy household full of athletes!


The 2L Jug

Finally, the big kahuna! Our 2L bottle can be purchased with a pump, and is ideal for clinics, spas, and sports team. Pop it on the counter with the pump inserted, and everyone is ready to roll.


Give us a call for more information or visit our “Products” page for prices.

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