What inspires you?

I have a favourite quote by Thomas Leonard that states, “Motivation is a temporary external high that pushes you forward. Inspiration is a sustainable internal glow that pulls you forward.” It might sound trivial, but the difference is profound. It can mean the difference between living a life that feels like you’re forever struggling up hill, versus gliding through your life with the wind at your back.

We’ve all been exposed to motivational speakers and events. The music is pumping, the energy is soaring, the slogans are flying. Fast forward five days. What is the average attendee experiencing? Too often, the momentary peak experience has long since faded and given way to the usual patterns of thinking and behaviour. Been there? Motivation and motivational events are not a bad thing, but if you seek true change that lasts, you may want to look in a different place. Inspiration.

Contrast the motivational effect with discovering a new passion. You try gardening and discover that you love the rewards of being out in nature, “feeling the earth”, and seeing the fruits of your hard work in full display. Suddenly, with no outside prompting, you’re visiting your local nursery and quizzing their staff for gardening tips. You visit the bookstore and pick up gardening books and magazines. What happened to bring out this new behaviour? Simple - you’ve uncovered an inner passion. Even better, the change in you isn’t hard to maintain. Why? Because you are experiencing the “pull” the goes along with doing what you naturally love to do.

So how does this relate to your life? When you look at the work you do, the activities you are involved in, and the relationships you are part of, how close are they to your inner passions? How close are they to the values that you hold as vitally important to you?

There are two immediate ways of discovering your passions. The first is to do a quick inventory of your interests and passions. If you love to meet new people, love music and love to exercise, then you may want to try dancing. It would seem to be a natural and logical fit. Only trying the activity will tell you whether your hunch was right, but it’s a great place to start.

The second way to find what inspires you is to approach new activities with a genuinely open mind. A friend, who is a secondary school principal, recently discovered that he has a passion for fishing. He had no idea. The only reason he tried it was because his four year old son begged him to take him out one day. Now, he’s purchased all sorts of gear, gets up early and heads out on the water with his son in his new boat. A new passion discovered! The key is to be willing to expose yourself to new activities with an open mind.

So, my challenge to you today is to try a new activity in the next seven days that will inspire you and enlarge your life!

You only stand to win!

Peter Bachmann - Life Coach, B.A., RMT        www.peterbachmann.com

As a friend and colleague of John Forde, Peter has helped John benefit from life changing coaching sessions.

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