Winter snow

Are you ready for activity this winter?

by John Forde

“…be sure to prepare yourself”

Winter months bring a change of weather and with it an opportunity to partake in a new range of activities. If you are heading out into our beautiful mountains to get some exercise this winter, be sure to prepare yourself – I strongly believe in preventing injuries and being prepared for the activities you want to do, so that you can perform at your best and live the life you want.

Prevention and ‘prehabilitation’:

  • keep your body active and flexible for the changing seasonal activities. I recommend weight training 3-5 times a week and walking or cycling 5-6 times a week. Yes, that means you sometimes have to do two activities a day!
  • Research sport specific exercises that strengthen your joints e.g. wall squats for skiing, balance board for snowboarding. Here is a good video from some of our colleagues:
  • Be prepared to fall down: Always expect it when skiing or snowboarding (no matter how good you are!) but it can happen even when snowshoeing, so be ready!
Enjoy your favorite high protein hot cocoa: you probably burned 2000 calories on those hills, so you’ve earned the treat – besides, it can be good for you, too! Take a look at these links for a few some ideas:

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