A. P3 Cream is an easily absorbed, natural, alcohol free, water-based anti-inflammatory cream used by therapists in the treatment of inflamed muscles and joints.

A. You can purchase P3 Cream on our website, or by visiting one of our retailers listed on the FIND RETAILERS page on our site. If there are no retailers in your area, you can order online by sending an email request to [email protected] or by calling us via our toll free number at 1-877-853-2673.

A. P3 Cream has a peppermint fragrance due to the use of the natural essential peppermint oil. Our Calm cream has the addition of lavender to the scent, but the peppermint is milder.

A. P3 Cream is used as a topical analgesic for the treatment of soothing and relaxing joints and muscles. Some examples include muscle strains, ligament sprains, tight neck muscles from poor posture, muscle cramps, back ache, growing pains, and arthritis.

A. Yes, you can apply P3 Cream throughout the day depending on your level of discomfort. The fact that P3 Cream contains NO alcohol, NO steroids, NO aspirin, and NO parabens means that you can use it as often as is needed!

A. P3 Cream is available in 75ml/2.5oz tubes, 237ml/8oz bottles, 473ml/16oz bottles, and a 3.78 liter/1 gallon jug with pump. There is also an Extra-Strength version available in a 60ml/2 oz Roll On bottle or a 120ml/4 oz spray. The Roll On is not a cream but a more concentrated liquid version of P3 Cream.

A. P3 Cream is used extensively by professional and amateur athletes; however, P3 Cream is designed for use by everyone, from children to seniors!

A. When properly stored, P3 Cream has a shelf life of 5 years.

A. Yes, we are very happy to have physiotherapists, massage therapists, athletic therapists, and chiropractors using P3 Cream in their daily treatment of patients all around North America.

A. We do not have any warnings for use of P3 Cream for pregnant or nursing women. P3 Cream has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. We suggest you consult with your health care professional prior to using P3 Cream in these situations.

A. Yes, P3 Cream contains two natural active anti-inflammatory ingredients: calendula oil and tee tree oil.

A. No, a prescription is not needed to use P3 Cream. However, many health care professionals do suggest the use of P3 Cream on a daily basis.