Habits – Part 2

The habits I use to thrive…

I find myself frequently answering questions about my habits: what I do, why I do it and what I use? Sometimes these questions come from family or friends, sometimes from colleagues and sometimes from complete strangers. I am always happy to answer because I believe in the habits I follow and I believe they help me thrive; in health, in life and in business and because I have always had a goal to help other people live the life they love. 

As I wrote last week, breaking down your goals into smaller actions, ‘habits’ that you can complete on a daily basis are a great way to achieve your intentions to live your best life. I am a little weird when it comes to rituals and habits. I tend to fully commit to learned activities that will help me and then they stick for life. For me, a daily routine is made up of the following things

First thing in the morning I drink at least 500-1000 ml of water and take my vitamins.

During the day I ensure I either cold plunge or cold shower once a day, exercise for at least 45 mins and communicate with humans! Here is a good article to gain a quick understanding as to the benefits of cold water. I also like a daily grounding with bare feet on the ground outside. Hard in the Canadian winter but it gets my cold exposure in too!

My diet consists of at least 175 grams of protein a day, from eggs, chicken, beef, collagen protein and whey protein when needed.

Plus I drink lots of water. Women should generally drink approximately 9 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day, while men should aim for closer to 13 cups (3.7 liters), according to the National Academy of Medicine. Remember to listen to your body, watch for thirst cues and check the colour of your urine to see if you are drinking enough.

I love to read educational information; I’m currently reading “Lifespan” by David Sinclair PhD and I play music or solve puzzles to keep my brain active.

Before sleep I always take magnesium and vitamin D3. I take magnesium for heart, bone and brain health and to maintain a healthy glucose level. Plus it helps your body manage stress and promotes a good night’s sleep. For me, it also helps restless legs that have plagued my family my whole life! I take Pure Encapsulations.

I use a cooling sleep mat as the body’s temperature naturally reduces in the run up to sleep, the mat replicates this and helps you to fall asleep at night. It also represents the idea that humans are naturally supposed to sleep on the earth which cools down when the sun goes down and warms when the sun comes up. I also use a cervical pillow to sleep!

These habits form the basis of my daily routine. They help keep my body, brain and soul healthy and happy. This then allows me to live my best life and reach the goals I set myself personally and professionally. I work hard and it’s important to ensure I have the balance in life to care for myself as it allows me to better care for others – be that in business, with patients or family.

I hope my articles offer you some inspiration to take steps to feel better, live better, aim higher. Let me know what goal you’d like to achieve and how you are going to form some good habits to reach it.

Best wishes

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