Message from the Founder of P3 Products Ltd

“What the mind can conceive and the heart will believe you will achieve”

October 15,2023

I have been using the above quote since I was 16 years old and I am thankful for the direction it has given me.

I have always believed in goal setting, vision boarding and working to make my dreams come true. After receiving treatment as an athlete on one of our many National team trips I wish I could thank the massage therapist that changed my life. She set me on a path after a very painful, but effective, treatment in a medical field tent somewhere near Edmonton! That path was to attempt to help as many people as I could the way she helped me that day. From there, I set out to become a sports therapist and made it my goal to use my hands to help 50 people a week! I wrote this goal onto a piece of paper that I kept in my wallet until it fell apart 8 years after I wrote it. 

For the first 8 years it worked! I consistently treated 48-55 patients a week with all sorts of soft tissue injuries. In 2000, I had to rewrite my goal and changed it to 150 people per week. At which point I started a new clinic and brought on two more therapists and voila…. 150 patients a week were being treated! Over the next decade I increased these numbers to reach an average of 2000 patients a month being treated at the Apollo Clinic by wonderful practitioners. This caused an explosion of growth into opening a second location and at this point we are averaging up to 4000 patients per month between both clinics! I can’t take the credit for all of this of course, and I am very thankful for all of the wonderful practitioners and staff that choose to work at the Apollo Clinics and choose to help so many people!

After watching this goal of “helping my local communities” grow, it was evident that we could reach even more people with our P3 Cream. This all natural Pain relieving cream was being used and supplied in the clinics only at first, but soon the demand reached out into the retail sector. By 2020 P3 Cream could be found in over 800 stores and clinics across Canada growing organically. As of 2023, we are surpassing those numbers as well as present on and on line in a Shopify store. The demand is such that P3 Cream is now being shipped all over North America daily and we get wonderful feedback from the many we are helping from afar. I often get on calls with people looking for help with different musculoskeletal injuries where I am able to draw on my 28 years as a therapist and give some ideas of ways to help and explain the best way to use P3 in self care. I love doing this! I feel like I can still help people and fulfill my ongoing goals. My new goal is to reach and help 100,000 people across Canada! Between the clinics, outreach events and P3 Products I am determined to get this done in the next year. As the famous line in Jerry Maguire goes, “ help me help you”. I am asking for anyone reading this that has a friend or family member in need of some pain relief to reach out to us at [email protected] or refer us onto them at With your help we will keep this therapeutic train chugging along! 

These reviews definitely put a smile on my face!

Thank you,

John Forde    

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