On Valentine’s Day

Love is the gift…

Valentines Day merchandise has been everywhere for weeks. Shops, websites and even supermarkets are all focused on their spin of what it means to show love. This got me thinking about what love means to me and how that might relate to P3 cream.

I love my wife and family, my friends, my community and my work. I love playing music. I have loved competing in sports, I loved helping my patients to recuperate after injury, I loved growing my clinics and I loved developing P3 cream. In fact, the P3 company’s purpose even focuses on love…

“Helping people get back to the things they love to do, with soothing pain relieving products!”

John Forde

When we are in pain, our brains get so focused on that uncomfortable feeling that we start to fall out of love with our world. We may dislike our bodies because they don’t work as well as they did, we may feel less satisfied with our lives as we can’t enjoy the same things as before, our relationships may suffer as we manage the pain or get less sleep or experience low mood. ‘Love’ falters when pain is felt.

But, if we can relieve the pain: soothe the aching neck or back, ease the tension in muscles after a workout, calm the arthritic joints, provide a peaceful nights sleep, then life starts to look brighter and we begin to love our world a little better every day. Try this relaxation meditation for pain from Arthritis Society Canada Guided Meditation for Chronic Pain

So ‘Love’ is what I want to focus on this Valentine’s Day, that shall continue to be my vision for P3 and its products. Pain-relieving creams that deliver natural, anti-inflammatory relief right where you need so that you can ‘love again’; let that be my gift to you!

Let me know what love means to you in the comments below. I love to hear from you.

Best wishes

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