Christmas season

“Smells like Christmas…feels like heaven”

Ease the pain of the Holiday season

Over the course of the holidays we spend more time sitting in our cars, travelling to see family and friends, more time sitting around the table or fireplace, celebrating and socializing, and more time on our feet in the kitchen, preparing the familiar feasts we all love. This is what we want to enjoy and we don’t want aches and pains to spoil one minute of it.

Finding the balance between the joyful moments and the ones that trigger our knees, back, shoulders or hips can be hard at this time of year. My top tips would be:

•Find time to factor in a little exercise; a gentle walk with the family, dancing in the kitchen to your favorite songs or a series of stretches at the beginning and end of the day.

Stretching After Workout to Christmas Songs (video)

•Don’t reach for over the counter pain-killers with a glass of wine or beer in your hand. This is where P3, with its all natural pain relief can help. The essential oils of calendula, peppermint and eucalyptus “smells like Christmas…feels like heaven” and will ease your aches and pains without any aspirin, parabens, steroids or alcohol.

•Turn off media devices at least an hour before bed to wind down after the busy days and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep with a warm bath or shower and a massage with P3 calm; it has all the benefits of the original P3 but with added organic lavender, known for its gentle, calming, soothing properties.

Pop a travel size tube in your car or a roll-on in your handbag or suitcase to keep the pain-relief handy and then go enjoy yourself with your family and friends, knowing P3 is by your side.

My family, colleagues and I wish you a very Happy Holidays!

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