Which one is better: skiing or snowboarding?


Which one is better: skiing or snowboarding? The eternal debate, of course, between those who favour one or the other. Either one is a fun, challenging, social or competitive outdoor activity. The point most agree on is that Snowboarding can be the hardest to learn at the beginning but the easiest to master in the end. Patience, persistence and good preparation are the best way to improve your snowboarding performance, be that as a beginner or a more advanced snowboarder, and that is something the P3 team can totally agree with.

The first week learning to snowboard involves a lot of falling over! It can be tiring to keep picking yourself back up and starting again but then something clicks and you are away. The joy you feel to traverse the slopes is thrilling. As confidence and skills grow, most people find the transition to off-piste much easier on a snowboard and then there’s the adrenaline of the jumps or tricks in the ski park.

Please note: off-piste, skiing, snowboarding or snow-shoeing carries risks and it is better to use an experienced guide.

Our tips for snowboarding are:

  • For beginners or those returning from injury – Have patience! Be prepared to fall over and keep getting up again. Look for lessons to help, even a refresher day are good for those who’ve had a break.
  • Have good safety equipment to protect against falls. The following is a great place to start:
    • Helmets
    • Wrist Guards
    • Goggles
    • Snowboard leash
    • Butt pads
    • Knee & Elbow Pads
    • Body Armour
  • Train in advance, to prepare your body for the rigours of snowboarding and reduce the chance of injuries. This is a good video for beginners

and this is a lower body workout for advanced snowboarders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88-XMWs65UE

  • Ensure you stretch before and after any snowboarding activity. This is a great little video by mobilityduo to give you 5 basic stretches specifically for snowboarding
They also have a site for yoga for snowboarders for those of you who’d like to take it to the next level 
  • Our P3 Original cream is perfect for alleviating any muscle aches or joint pain after a full day on the slopes. It’s a sport injury cream designed by me, a former athlete and RMT, to deliver pain-relief right where you need it. It is water based, so no oily residue and its natural ingredients are anti-inflammatory, aspirin-free, paraben-free and alcohol free; great for the skin and no nasty side effects!
  • Keep a sense of humour on the slopes for those moments when things don’t go to plan. Lifts can be particularly tricky for snowboarders! snowboarder falls, takes down the whole lift

For a little inspiration on where to go for the best snowboarding slopes in Canada, check out this article by the World Snowboarding Guide.

Pop a travel size P3 Cream in your bag and head out on the slopes. Try snowboarding for the first time, be brave and get back to a sport you once loved or try one of the other winter activities we featured in our recent blogs. Whichever it is, let us know how you got on and how P3 cream helped. We love to hear your comments.

Best wishes

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